dimanche 11 mai 2014

Selfie Photography :p

Hello :) hope you're fine! so i just want to tell you that i know i don't post every time on my blog but i am very active on instagram :) So check out my account if you want :) my instagram is : Kellygallery
Thank you!

samedi 3 mai 2014

book, baby lips and music photos

hey everyone :) this is just some pictures i took yesterday in my room when i was bored ! :) 

hope you like it :) have a nice day

vendredi 2 mai 2014

Vans girl photography

Hey! Hope you're fine :) So today I just want to show you my Vans collection, I know i have a lot of Vans shoes, i love them!

jeudi 1 mai 2014

Makeup red lip photography

Hey! I bought a red lip from Sephora :) I liked it so I took some photos, hope you like it!


Have a nice day :)

Pale photography

Hey everyone :) To improve my blog i think i should stop editing picture because it looks better without filters, right? but i will post more photos on my instagram with and without filters :) Anyway, look at my beautiful flowers! what do you think? that's better without filters.

Have a nice day! bye bye :)

mercredi 30 avril 2014

photography book inspirational

 Hey! Today I took some photos with my camera, yes that's a book, because I just wanted to tell you that Photography is good for the soul and reading is good for the brain! Have a nice day! :)

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mardi 29 avril 2014

Summer photography

Hello everyone! In holidays i spend my time at the beach with my family so I want to show you this beautiful picture because my mum took this :) but it was edited by me, hope you like it! :)
Have a nice day :)

vendredi 25 avril 2014

My photography day in Paris

Hello everyone :) Yesterday was a good day! I went to Paris and I took pictures! Hope you like it :) have a nice day!

 Black and white

 This is my favorite picture :)
All the pictures are taken by me :) bye bye

jeudi 24 avril 2014

soul black and white photography

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” - Ted Grant

jeudi 17 avril 2014

Beautiful summer flowers!

Hello everyone :) today i'll show you some photos I took in a garden!
Nothing better than taking pictures in a sunny day.
Have a nice day

What should I post more ? ask me anything you want!! :)
bye bye

mercredi 16 avril 2014


Hello everyone!  Hope you're fine :)

Here is one of my favorite picture I've taken and it means something important to me. You know, all pictures mean something. So, this one means to me that imagination is more important than knowledge, and that's true.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand"- Albert Einstein

lundi 14 avril 2014

Family day

Hi everyone! Yesterday i went to see my family, they have two amazing dogs and i played with them in the garden :) So here is my gallery, enjoy! have a nice day :)

 She has beautiful eyes :)

 Sweet dreams :)
Beige photography :)
Thank you and don't forget to post a comment :)
bye bye

dimanche 13 avril 2014

Black and white

Hi everyone! today i posted some old black and white pictures i found in my gallery, I took those photos last year in Lebanon and in Paris! I hope you like it :)
Have a nice day ;)

 This is my shadow :).
 I took this picture when i was in a car :) I liked the view!
 It was a rainy day.

Thank you and don't forget to comment anything you want to know about me :) below!

samedi 12 avril 2014

Photos home

Hello everyone! i took some pictures when i was bored at home, enjoy it :)
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I did my nails, and I bought two baby lips!

Thank you for watching my pictures ;) have a nice day!

jeudi 10 avril 2014

glasses photography

You know those little things who inspire you to take pictures?
So I was inspired to take pictures just because of my glasses. It was a sunny day so i went out, and i captured many pictures.
So i want to tell you that if you like or want to start photography but you don't know what to capture, just remember that you have to capture what you like!
Have a nice day and don't forget to post a comment of what you think below !



dimanche 6 avril 2014


In vacation i like going out with my camera to take pictures in my city. The view is amazing and when i walk alone i always find something beautiful on my way. I capture all the things i can see! Enjoy it!!